Tips For Buying A Residential Solar System For Your Home

Whether you are tired of paying the high costs of power from the grid or are building a custom home in an area where electrical service isn't available, installing a solar system is a great option. Thanks to many recent advancements in solar energy panels and power storage equipment, there has never been a better time to invest in a residential solar energy system. 

To help you compare the various solar systems on the market and make the best purchasing systems, keep these important tips in mind.

Tip: Ensure Your Property Gets Enough Sunlight for Adequate Solar Power Generation

No matter what you may read online, all solar power systems require panels that are in direct contact with sunlight for most of the daytime. If your property has a lot of shade from neighbor's trees, or if you live in an area without adequate sunshine each week, then your solar system will not work as designed and you won't be very happy with it.

Tip: Only Purchase Solar Panels and Energy Storage Equipment that are Independently Certified

As you are comparing solar panel systems from a variety of different manufacturers, make sure to always look for independent laboratory certification. If a company "self-certifies" their product, then skip their offerings and opt for companies who use independent laboratories to certify the quality of their products. This is vital if you want to claim a solar credit on your taxes for a government rebate. For solar systems to qualify for rebates, they typically need to be certified.

Tip: Think About the Installation Type Before Shopping - Roof Mounted or Ground Mounted

Solar panel systems are not something you want to ever move after they have been installed. For this reason, you need to decide if you want the panels mounted on the ground, or if you would prefer they be mounted on the roof of your home.

Tip: Choose a Solar Company with a Long Track Record of Quality Equipment 

Finally, before you make a final decision to purchase a new residential solar system for your home, first, do some online research to make sure the company you have chosen has a long track record of supplying high-quality equipment and excellent post-installation support. If anything goes awry after your solar system is installed, you will be happier knowing you have a solid company behind you who will do the right thing.

For more information on solar panel installation, contact your local contractor today!