Questions About Common Residential Well Problems

Whenever your home's well encounters problems, you may find that life inside your house is severely disrupted. To be able to address the problems that your well could experience, you must work to expand your knowledge of these issues.

What Could Cause the Well Casing to Crack?

The well casing is an essential part of these systems as it will help to protect the well shaft by reinforcing it, and it may help to minimize the risk of the water source becoming contaminated. Unfortunately, it may be possible for the well casing to crack or otherwise become damaged. These cracks can form as a result of either the casing suffering a strong impact or it developing corrosion that can weaken the casing enough to allow holes to form in it. Regularly applying metal sealants may be one of the most effective options for preventing corrosion from harming the well casing as these materials will prevent the water from being absorbed by the casing.

When Should You Test the Water Quality?

Water quality issues can be among the most common issues that a homeowner will experience. For those with water wells, these quality issues can indicate that it is necessary to have water testing done. This testing will measure the mineral concentrations in the water sample while also attempting to determine whether various bacteria are present. In addition to having these tests done whenever you notice a change in the way that the water tastes, you should also have the water tested at the same time each year.

Can the Well Shaft Experience Problems?

When homeowners think of water well problems, they may often focus on issues relating to the water pumping system or the quality of the water source. However, the well shaft can be another critical component that might experience a range of problems. For example, shifting soil or erosion can cause the shaft to start to destabilize. An unstable well shaft will be far more prone to collapsing, which can deprive your home of water for some time until this issue can be repaired.

If you can identify issues with the well shaft before the entire shaft collapses, you may be able to reinforce it with inserts or support rods. An experience well contractor who offers repairs for wells will be able to inspect your well and the severity of the shaft instabilities to determine whether these steps will be sufficient for remedying the damage. In instances where these steps will be inadequate, it might be necessary to have a new well drilled.