Reasons To Switch To A Propane Hot Water Heater

If you need to replace your hot water heater soon, you should look at all of your options so you can choose the best heater for your needs. Besides thinking about the right size for the tank, you may also want to consider having a tankless heater installed. You can also choose between a propane and electric power source. Propane could be the best way to heat your water. Here's a look at why.

Propane Hot Water Heaters Have A Lower Operating Cost

A propane hot water heater costs more to have installed than an electric water heater, but you can get that money back due to the low operating costs. Propane is usually less expensive than electricity, but since prices for gas fluctuate, you may want to call around and find out how much it would cost to use propane. A propane hot water heater operates much more efficiently than an electric heater and that is the main reason you'll have a lower operating cost. Better efficiency has other perks too. Since propane can heat water more quickly, you could possibly get by with a smaller tank. That means there will be less water to keep hot all day and that can lower the operating costs as well.

Some Propane Hot Water Heaters Are Tankless

If you prefer a hot water heater with a tank, you can buy propane tanks in several different sizes just as you can with electric tanks. This allows you to zero in on the perfect size for your needs and your operating budget. However, if you want to upgrade to a tankless hot water heater, then buying a propane model is ideal. Tankless heaters are more efficient because of the way they operate, and when yours is powered with propane rather than electricity, you'll have an extremely energy efficient method of heating your water that will be reflected in your energy bills. The trade-off is that a propane tankless heater is more expensive to purchase initially.

Propane Heaters Help Conserve Water

If it's necessary for you to conserve water or if water rates are high in your area, then a propane water heater might reduce your water bill too. If you can reduce the size of your hot water tank because the water heats up quicker, then you might use less water. You'll have less water filling up and standing idle in the tank. Tankless propane heaters don't store water at all because they heat it on demand. You won't have to waste water by running the faucet and waiting for the water to heat up.

When you look at all the benefits that propane has over electricity, you might want to switch to one when you have your new water heater installed. Besides being less expensive to operate, they have better energy efficiency and help you conserve water. Contact a company, like Taylor Gas Company Inc, for more help.